Our Story

African textiles have always been a major form of expression. For centuries, hand dyed cloth has been used for personal adornment and also as a powerful medium of storytelling to share stories, celebrate important events, and signal social status.

In recent years, the importance of West African cloth has been overshadowed by commercial wax-printed fabrics and large-scale copies of original African prints.

Tampoori was born out of a need to honour the artistic, cultural, and economic worth and impact of textiles in our community and to contribute to the batik and tie-dye traditions in Ghana. 

The company’s product portfolio includes high-quality clothing fabric, home décor textiles and basic clothing pieces.


Aba Quansah

Aba believes that life should be lived with patience and perspective. She's an advocate for starting now, even when the path is uncertain. She lives in her own little bubble in Accra and enjoys rehabilitating plants and responding to the name Gran'mama.



Our prints borrow from traditional West African dyeing techniques and are complemented by innovative dyeing art forms around the world.

We soak up inspiration from Ghanaian adinkra cloth, Nigerian stitch and starch resists and hand painted Malian Bogolan as well as Indian Bandhani and Japanese Shibori traditions.


Colours & Patterns

Our patterns are characterised by contemporary composition, bold colour schemes, and a focus on classic pieces that can be lovingly worn over and over again and passed on to the people we love.



Our core values are: to create joy, to be mindful and to relish life.

We create joy by designing original patterns and unusual colours brimming with positivity.

We are mindful of the environment and of the women who work in our team, and the customers who choose our prints.

And we pass on our verve for life by imbuing positivism into our design aesthetic.

We would love to work with you.

If you are a new or seasoned fashion or interior designer, artist, potential partner, or simply curious about anything we do, please get in touch.

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